Hollams Dog Groomers

Hollams Dog Groomers

Dog Grooming is not something to be rushed. Imagine yourself at the hair dressers and being rushed through and not being able to enjoy your relaxing experience.

We are a groomers thats cares deeply about your family member and the experience that they have with us.

There are many dog groomers and all are excellent but we truly believe ours is set apart, as this is our passion.

Our salon is set up so that there is no stress to your pet and the atmosphere is calming and relaxing.

The salon is open plan, so that you are able to see at every moment the care and love given to your dog.

- Lorraine Jackson

"I was recommended Hollams by a fellow dog walker and am completely delighted with the result. As this was my pups first trim, I was initially invited to the dog groomers not for a groom but to allow my boy the opportunity to have a look, sniff and have time to settle. However, Lisa was so lovely and attentive that we decided to try the clippers on his feet first..... 1.5 hours later he'd had the full treatment and looks absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be going back! Highly recommended"

What we offer...

  • Consoltation prior to grooming begins
  • Full Body and Coat Assessment
  • Hydro-Bathing in Shampoo, Conditioner and Facial Wash
  • Blow Dry, Finishing Dry and Brushing
  • Ears Cleaned, Pads Trimmed and Nails Trimmed
  • Scissor Cut and or Clipped
  • Cologne to finish

If your fur baby is using prescribed medicated shampoo, please bring this with you.

Price Guides

Spa treatments for your fur baby,

these can be added onto their groom, just let us know at drop off.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath


This beautiful mud bath conditions the skin with essential minerals.

It exfoliates their skin to help remove impurities and rehydrates dry flakey skin and coat, whilst smelling gorgeous.

Tearless Oatmeal & blueberry Facial Cleaner


This wonderful gentle facial helps with tear and beard stains and gently exfoliates whilst being very gentle on their face and eyes.

Protein Vital Conditioner


For an extra deep coat conditioner, choose this as it instantly restores softness and shine to all types of coats restoring the hair cuticle and leaving it protected for a longer time with greater depth.

Tooth Brushing Gel


This is a natural breath freshener for dogs amd applied with a disposable toothbrush.

Not to be confused with Emmipet. If you would like to know more on Emmipet, please ask.

These lovely Spa Treatments can be used individually or you can mix and match and receive 20% off.

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